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  1. A Pastor's Heartaches
  2. Atonement Through the Blood of The Cross
  3. Encountering the Ark Encounter
  4. Genesis: God's Book of Beginnings
  5. Presbyterianism’s Biblical Foundation
  6. Home-Making by J.R. Miller
  7. God’s Increase in Jamaica
  8. Parable of the Vineyard and Slain Son
  9. The Gospel According to Godliness
  10. Troubled But Care Free
  11. Animal Rights and Wrongs Part 2: A Modern Biblical View
  12. Bible Study Q & A With Dr. Mark Allison
  13. FPCNA Presbytery Statement on Sexual Ethics
  14. Qualifications of a Sunday School Teacher
  15. The Value of the Prayer Meeting
  16. Onesimus: The Slave Who Finally Lived up to His Name
  17. God Moves in a Mysterious Way
  18. A Preacher’s Antidote to Apathy
  19. St. Bartholomew’s Day – France’s Persecution of the Huguenots
  20. Animal Rights and Wrongs Part 1: The Biblical Position
  21. My Testimony by Joan Pinkston
  22. Samuel Rutherford by Kingsley Rendell
  23. A Wicked Son is Welcomed Home
  24. Because We Are Losing Our Free Speech
  25. The Death of the Christian and the Atheist
  26. Do I Have to Learn the Catechism?
  27. The Importance of the Prayer Meeting
  28. What is Covenant Theology?
  29. The Cedar of Lebanon
  30. My Testimony by Tony D’Addurno
  31. The Korean Pentecost
  32. The Lily Among Thorns
  33. To God Be the Glory
  34. When This Passing World is Done
  35. The Thundering Legion
  36. Christianity and Liberalism
  37. My Testimony by Reggie Cranston
  38. Consider the Lilies
  39. Meeting to Pray
  40. The Sunday School: Plan to Succeed
  41. An Encounter at the Empty Tomb
  42. Marijuana Madness
  43. The Battle Is The Lord's
  44. The Mystery of Suffering
  45. Revitalizing the Prayer Meeting
  46. Taking Aim: The Focus of Sabbath School Teaching
  47. The Creed
  48. The Fallacy of Macroevolution
  49. Tensions in the Korean Peninsula
  50. A History of “Missions” to the Aztecs
  51. Book Review: New Calvinism Considered 
  52. How Well Do You Love Your Bible?
  53. No Fake News
  54. Questions & Answers with Rev. Jason Boyle
  55. There Is Hope
  56. Luther's Legacy
  57. Luther's Third Major Debate
  58. The Bondage of the Will
  59. The Remarkable Death of Martin Luther
  60. Oh for Grace to Trust Him More!
  61. Bible Answer Man Duped by Wrong Orthodoxy
  62. Questions & Answers with Rev. Mark Fineout
  63. From Atheism to Christ
  64. Luther on Justification by Faith Alone
  65. Luther’s Second Major Debate
  66. The Ostrich: Not Just a Big Dumb Bird
  67. Let's Learn About Martin Luther
  68. I Have a Shepherd
  69. The Reformation Luther
  70. Resurrection Reassurance
  71. Book Review: Kitty, My Rib
  72. Take Heed How You Hear
  73. Can you solve this moral dilemma?
  74. Questions & Answers with Rev. Derrick Bowman
  75. The Call to Evangelize
  76. Best Biography of Martin Luther
  77. Rev. Colin Mercer Reports on his Trip to Liberia
  78. Repentance That Saves The Soul
  79. Savonarola: Preacher of Righteousness Part 2
  80. Rightly Dividing the Word
  81. Do You Pray For Your Minister?
  82. The Man Who Ignited the Protestant Reformation
  83. Can You Buy Your Way To Heaven?
  84. Was There An Ice Age?
  85. Questions and Answers with Rev. David DiCanio
  86. How Great Thou Art: A Hymn that was Born in a Storm
  87. New Bookstore in Kakamega Kenya
  88. Book Review: The Man Who Couldn't be Stopped
  89. Short Prayers Matter!
  90. “He Being Dead Yet Speaketh” The Story of the Prince of Preachers Broadcast
  91. Savonarola: Preacher of Righteousness Part 1
  92. The Faith That Saves
  93. Rightly Dividing the Word
  94. Depression: Its Causes and Cures
  95. In Their Own Words: Captain Vicente Alcivar
  96. Never Weary of Well Doing
  97. Hymns Of The Heart
  98. Got Guilt?
  99. A Young Earth
  100. Ministering in One of the Largest Cities in the World
  101. Are You Listening?
  102. Book Review: Morning Exercises by William Jay
  103. King Of Creation
  104. The Missing "Missing Links"
  105. Because You Have A Soul
  106. The Cross And The World
  107. The Work & Witness Of Gwangmyeong Faith Free Presbyterian Church In Seoul
  108. The Day Christ Died
  109. God's Holiness And Christ's Cross
  110. Question & Answer: Rev Andy Foster
  111. Doctors Of Death
  112. Standing Still
  113. Is Your House Weatherproof?
  114. Fanny Crosby 1820–1915 Hymn Writer, Poet, Teacher, Mission Worker, Musician
  115. Christian Love: A Reflection of True Consecration
  116. Praying for Revival
  117. Evidences of Noah's Flood
  118. Consecration: Not Just Another New Year's Resolution
  119. Consecration Is Not Optional
  120. Little Is Much When God Is In It
  121. Being Quiet
  122. Rejecting the Usurper
  123. A Modern Day Awakening in Nepal
  124. The Third Great Awakening in America
  125. The Second Great Awakening: 1790–1830
  126. The First Great Awakening: 1735–1745
  127. Questions & Answers with Rev. Derek Erwin
  128. The Biblical Basis For Revival
  129. Revival: Our Hope of Survival
  130. Someone Had to Make It!
  131. Delivered From a Dungeon
  132. Reaching Our Children For Christ
  133. Dethroning the Pope’s Queen of Heaven
  134. Question & Answer With Rev Lee Sterritt
  135. Ebola Forces FPC Missionaries From Liberia
  136. The Pope to Visit America (Alas, to Say the Mass)
  137. The Darkest Day
  138. The Bible Principle of the Blood
  139. Calvary: A Blessed Place to Visit
  140. The Spiritual Sufferings of Christ
  141. Bruised
  142. Questions & Answers with Rev. John Wagner
  143. Jesus the Substitute: The Sinner’s Only Hope
  144. Mr Eternity
  145. Calvary: The Greatest of Days
  146. What Makes Christianity Unique?
  147. Billions or Thousands?
  148. Rewards For Good Works
  149. Questions & Answers with Rev. D’Addurno
  150. God’s Calling: The Hope for the Lord’s Church