Someone Had to Make It!

The famous German astronomer Johann Kepler was concerned about one of his friends who was an atheist. In order to convince him of the existence of God, Kepler made a model of our solar system, putting a lot of time and effort into the task.

One day his friend came to visit him in his observatory. When he saw the beautiful model it really captured his attention and he took a few minutes to examine it closely. Then, referring to the model, he asked the obvious question, “Who made this?” To which Kepler immediately replied, “No one, it just made itself.” “Nonsense!” his friend exclaimed. “Someone had to make it.” Kepler then looked tenderly and lovingly at his friend and explained, “You tell me that someone had to make this feeble little model, yet you want me to believe that no one made the universe.”

How vital that lesson is, and I encourage you to remember it: everything has a creator. There is nothing that creates itself, let alone the great universe in which we live.

If you ask when did God create the universe, the answer is approximately six thousand years ago—not millions or billions of years ago! The exact date according to the calculations that Archbishop Ussher took from the Bible was Sunday 23rd October 4004 BC. And even if the rocks are accurately dated by scientists as being millions of years old or more that does not pose a difficulty because God created everything with apparent age. He created Adam as a man, not a baby. He created the trees mature and fully grown, not as seeds or saplings; and the same was true of the rocks.

But some will ask, who made God? The answer is no one. God is eternal and self-existent. If someone made God, then that someone would be God. The Bible opens with the words, “In the beginning God.” The truth is God has always been there.

Be in no doubt God is the creator of all things and He created you as well (John 1:3 and Psalm 100:3). It is vital never to forget that fact because there is a day coming when you will meet your Maker and you need to be ready for that day.

Did you ever ask why so many people want to deny that God exists? One reason is that they think if there is no God then they won’t have to answer for how they have lived.

But there is a God and soon you will stand before Him. I urge you, “Prepare to meet thy God” (Amos 4:12). Prepare today by asking Jesus Christ into your heart to be your Saviour.

From The Paper Pulpit by Rev. David McMillan, minister of Armagh Free Presbyterian Church in Northern Ireland.

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