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Short Prayers Matter!

Do you ever wonder why we go to prayer meeting each week? One of the reasons is that we get to share other people’s prayers. Some people pray long prayers and others, maybe even you, pray short prayers. Short prayers are important because the Lord hears them too. In fact, some of the most important prayers recorded in the Bible are very short ones! In our Kid’s Corner, we will look at three very short prayers. Two of them have only three words and the first one has only one word!

The first has to do with a young boy lying on his bed who heard someone calling him. He didn’t realize it was the voice of God. Most of you will know that I am referring to Samuel, the temple gatekeeper who became a great man of God. Eli the priest knew that it was God speaking to him, so he told him to answer, “Speak Lord.” Do you remember what Samuel actually prayed? He prayed just one word, “Speak.” What amazing things the Lord showed to Samuel after that simple one-word prayer! Samuel became God’s messenger to Eli about sin in his family that was hurting the people of Israel. God told him that Eli’s house would be judged by God because of the sin of Eli’s sons and that’s exactly what happened.

The second short prayer became the habit of Israel’s greatest king. Each time he went into battle, David prayed these three words before God: “Shall I go . . .?” (I Sam. 23:2); “Shall I go . . .? (2 Sam. 2:1); “Shall I go . . .?” ( 2 Sam. 5:19). When David prayed this prayer he was facing great danger and powerful enemies. He could not afford to lead his men into a losing battle. David needed to have God’s clear direction. His prayers not only saved his own life, but they were used to protect the kingdom he would rule. David’s prayers changed Israel’s history because God heard him and gave him victory after victory over his enemies.

The last short prayer we are blessed to read is in Matthew 15:25 and it is a prayer for healing. It was spoken to the Lord Jesus in person when He was passing through a coastal area. A woman cried out in desperation for His attention because her daughter was “vexed with a devil.” Jesus seemed to turn her away as He tested her faith, but still she prayed these three words, “Lord, help me.” The Bible tells us that she “worshipped” Him, and the fact that she called Jesus “Lord” shows that she fully trusted Him. Certainly the Lord was pleased with this mother’s faith, for her daughter was “made whole from that very hour.” The simple prayer “Lord, help me” is often prayed today by Christians all over the world.

Have you recently prayed, “Lord help me”, or “Speak, Lord”, or “Shall I go?” Why not follow the example of these faithful people who prayed these short prayers? Because God has almighty power to answer our prayers, and because He loves to answer them for His own glory, even one short prayer could affect your life for years to come.

by Brian Forrester

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