Presbytery Tribute to Dr. Gail Gingery

The members of the Presbytery of the Free Presbyterian Church of North America honor the memory of Dr. Gail Gingery, a pioneer member and ruling elder in Faith Free Presbyterian Church. Many of Dr. Gingery’s colleagues from Bob Jones University and even more of his former students have paid tribute to his faithful service to Christ in the ministry to which the Lord called him and for which he devoted his life’s energy and resources. In all of those tributes, we join in thanking the Lord for our brother’s stellar and stalwart labor by which he sought to advance the kingdom of Christ and through which he has left an enduring legacy that will continue to affect many lives for decades to come.

Our tribute to Dr. Gingery recognizes his unique and faithful contributions to the development of the Free Presbyterian denomination in North America. As one of a small group of courageous believers in Christ, he took his stand for a separated gospel witness that became Faith Presbyterian Church in the early 1970s. Later in that decade, when the fledgling congregation affiliated with the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster, Dr. Gingery and his wife became charter members. Together, they devoted themselves to the cause of establishing the congregation. By the time that Dr. and Mrs. Alan Cairns and their son, Frank, arrived in Greenville early in 1980, Dr. Gingery was one of the leaders in the church of which Dr. Cairns became the minister.

As the choir director, song leader, and member of the church session, Dr. Gingery took diligent care of all his responsibilities, watching especially over younger men whom the Lord called to prepare for the Free Presbyterian ministry. He did all he could to encourage them to be faithful to the Lord and to His work. In his later years, physical infirmity restricted his ability more and more, but he rejoiced to be present for the formal inauguration of the Free Presbyterian Church of North America on May 17,
2005 at Toronto Free Presbyterian Church. At that time, he added his signature to those of his colleagues who subscribed the denomination’s Statement of Purpose.

Using the array of gifts with which God blessed him, Dr. Gingery left an example of gracious kindness to the people in his charge and steadfast loyalty to the Savior who redeemed him with His precious blood, and in whose service he spent his long life in this world. We shall miss his company, but rejoice that His faith has become sight in the presence of Christ.

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By Ian Goligher

Rev. Ian Goligher is the pastor of Cloverdale FPC, Vancouver, BC. He was Editor of Current from 2014 to 2019.