My Testimony by Joan Pinkston

The older I get the more I realize the great blessing of a Christian home. Some of my earliest memories are about music in our Chicago church. At four years old, a friend and I sang duets in church. I recall joyous congregational singing of the great old hymns. I sang these songs everywhere I […]

My Testimony by Tony D’Addurno

As a young boy, I did not have the privilege of growing up in a Christian home. I never heard the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. I never heard about John 3:16, or that I was a sinner before a holy God, and needed to be saved. I was a lost soul and didn’t […]

My Testimony by Reggie Cranston

I was born the eldest of four sons in the city of Belfast; however, I lived most of my early years with my family in the country, where my father earned his living as a gun-dog trainer. My father had the great honor of training dogs for Sir Winston Churchill and my mother supported him […]

Oh for Grace to Trust Him More!

As a young child, I enjoyed sitting on the porch and listening to my grandfather sing the old hymns. He led the singing at a small, country church, and sometimes he would ask me to play the piano. I learned many hymns at an early age, but did not fully understand the significant part they […]

From Atheism to Christ

Do you know how to become a Christian? People aren’t born into Christianity, nor are they all saved in the same way. Some become Christians when they are young, others when they are older; some when things are going well in life, others when things are not. But in another sense, everyone’s salvation experience is […]

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