Missionary Updates

God’s Increase in Jamaica

I recently had the pleasure of accompanying Dr. Larry Saunders on a visit to the Let the Bible Speak Church in Little London, Jamaica. During my flight home, I was organizing my thoughts for a presentation to our own congregation in Winston Salem. The Lord impressed on my mind Paul’s words to the church in […]

Tensions in the Korean Peninsula

Due to North Korea’s nuclear experiments, the tension on the Korean Peninsula continues to build. We have not had such a serious situation as this since the ceasefire of the Korean War in 1953. Even though there were several provocations by North Korea before, South Koreans have remained relatively patient because they do not wish […]

Rev. Colin Mercer Reports on his Trip to Liberia

Thirty-three hours after leaving our home in Greenville SC, we eventually took our first steps in Liberia in western Africa. Our journey had taken us from South Carolina to Liberia’s capital city Monrovia via Brussels. If we expected a warm African evening sun to greet us we were sadly mistaken. The international airport in Monrovia […]

New Bookstore in Kakamega Kenya

On a cold rainy night in May we loaded up my furniture onto a truck. It was a blessing from God when Warren, the man who made the furniture for the new bookshop, turned up unexpectedly. It was very much due to his care while packing the truck that everything arrived at my home in […]

The Work & Witness Of Gwangmyeong Faith Free Presbyterian Church In Seoul

For a little over a year now, my family and I have been back in Seoul, South Korea, where we are trying to plant the country’s first Free Presbyterian church. While Korea suffered severely through the Japanese invasion in the early 1900s and through the communist war that divided Korea into North and South, because […]

A Modern Day Awakening in Nepal

When we hear of a revival of true religion, we usually assume that there has been a decline in the work of the Lord and then God has come again by His Holy Spirit and revived His people to new service and fresh desires to extend His kingdom. The result is usually the salvation of […]

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