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Parable of the Vineyard and Slain Son

Do you know what a “husbandman” is in the Bible? Hint: it has nothing to do with being married! A husbandman rented from a landowner, tending his crops. When harvest came, the husbandman gave his landowner a large portion of the crop. Matthew 21 speaks about religious leaders in Jerusalem’s temple who rejected Jesus’ teachings. […]

Onesimus: The Slave Who Finally Lived up to His Name

In Bible times, many rich people owned slaves, and everyone recognized them because one of their ears was pierced to show they belonged to a master. The little book called Philemon near the end of the New Testament tells us about Philemon, a wealthy man from Colosse, who owned a slave named Onesimus. The book […]

A Wicked Son is Welcomed Home

Have you ever heard a parable? Jesus told several parables. They are stories that teach us spiritual lessons. In Luke 15, Jesus tells a parable about an unwise young man who wasn’t content with his life. We don’t know his name, but we know he had a loving father and a good home. In Bible […]

The Thundering Legion

Do you like “once-upon-a-time” stories? I’m sure, like most kids, you grew up with them. Even grown-ups enjoy them every now and then. Stories of romance and brave deeds can fire up our imagination. But when these kinds of stories are true, they thrill us even more—especially when they involve heroes and heroines of the […]

How Well Do You Love Your Bible?

Do you remember that we looked at the Protestant Reformation and the great reformer Martin Luther in the last few issues? There is a man who lived many centuries before Martin Luther who deserves our notice. This very learned man was one of the first men to translate parts of the Bible into English. This […]

The Remarkable Death of Martin Luther

This year we have been learning about Martin Luther, the German reformer. Five hundred years ago he protested against the errors of the Roman Catholic church, which had rejected the truths of the Bible. Luther was a very strong man to stand up for the Lord against so many enemies of the gospel. He made […]

Let's Learn About Martin Luther

Every time we think of the Protestant Reformation, we think of the name Martin Luther. He has fascinated students of history for generations. Though the ideas of the Reformation did not start with him, he did so much to move it forward, and we could call him the “cornerstone.” Fortunately, there is a lot written […]

Can You Buy Your Way To Heaven?

Did you know that 2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation? Let me tell you what that means. The Protestant Reformation was a very special time in church history when many people in Europe turned back to God and His Word instead of believing what their church — the Roman Catholic Church — […]

Short Prayers Matter!

Do you ever wonder why we go to prayer meeting each week? One of the reasons is that we get to share other people’s prayers. Some people pray long prayers and others, maybe even you, pray short prayers. Short prayers are important because the Lord hears them too. In fact, some of the most important […]

Are You Listening?

Have you ever been sitting in church trying to listen because you know you are supposed to, but wondering how you can find anything interesting in the passage of scripture being read that day? Perhaps you are asked to turn to the book of 1 Chronicles and you hear “so and so begat so and […]

Standing Still

In the children’s story Mumsi Meets a Lion, a boy in Africa is sent on an errand by his parents and encounters a full-grown lion in his path. For years the grownups of his village had told the children if they ever came face to face with a lion they should never try to run […]

Is Your House Weatherproof?

Some of you have attended, or know of, Faith Free Presbyterian Church, in Greenville, South Carolina. What you may not know about the church building is that it rests on a large rock of solid granite. During construction the builders had to use dynamite to blast the surface because it was too hard for even […]

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