Bible Study Q & A With Dr. Mark Allison

Dr. Mark Allison lives in Greenville SC and serves as president of Geneva Reformed Seminary

What is Covenant Theology?

Covenant Theology (CT) is a title given to a system that officially stems from the post-Reformation period. The system of CT is a very simple system which closely follows the Bible’s teaching regarding the Two Adams (cf. Romans 5 and 1 Corinthians 15). CT views the whole of history and of man’s relation to God […]

Questions & Answers with Rev. Jason Boyle

Rev. Jason Boyle is a born missionary, and one of our own seminary grads now ministering the gospel in Mexico City, the fifth largest city in the world by population. While his church is but a dot on the city’s map, it has made its mark in reaching the people of that needy city. With […]

Questions & Answers with Rev. Mark Fineout

Rev. Mark Fineout is a New Yorker now living in the American mid-west. He is well known in our denomination for his musical abilities and is frequently called upon at our presbytery weeks of prayer to lead our ministers and elders in singing. He is the minister of Lee’s Summit Free Presbyterian Church, Missouri. He […]

Questions & Answers with Rev. Derrick Bowman

Rev. Derrick Bowman is a true Alabamian. He is by walk and talk the embodiment of southern hearts and hospitality. Raised in a godly Baptist home and converted to Christ at an early age, Derrick has dedicated his whole life to the service of Christ. Derrick lives in the city of Winston-Salem, North Carolina and […]

Questions and Answers with Rev. David DiCanio

An interview with our missionary-at-large has been greatly overdue. Being a missionary demands regular feedback on the pressing needs of the mission, but we can sometimes lose sight of the real man who is carrying the burden of the work. Who is he, why is he there, and how is he coping with life on […]

In Their Own Words: Captain Vicente Alcivar

In times of combat when soldiers stare into the face of their mortal enemy some will recognize that they also stare into the face of eternity. When troops are called to go to war, they often buy Bibles, sometimes in great numbers, and seek gospel counselors. Many desire to get right with God before they […]

Question & Answer: Rev Andy Foster

Tucked away in the hills of the southern part of the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia is the city of Penticton. It is about 250 miles east of Vancouver and over 400 miles southwest of Calgary with the majestic Rocky Mountains in between. Rev. Andy Foster has been ministering in Penticton since shortly after his […]

Questions & Answers with Rev. Derek Erwin

It is always good to get to know our ministers who serve in our congregations. Unfortunately, it is difficult to interact with all of our ministers and their congregations due to the vast distances between us in North America. Rev. Derek Erwin is probably best known to some “snowbirds” who winter in the Orlando area […]

Question & Answer With Rev Lee Sterritt

Rev. Lee Sterritt is the associate minister in our Toronto church and principal of Whitefield Christian Academy and Collegiate Institute. Before moving to Toronto in 2009 Lee served as pastor of Heritage Free Presbyterian Church in Prince George, British Columbia. Since then he has been called to an administration position in Whitefield Christian Schools. He […]

Ebola Forces FPC Missionaries From Liberia

Rev. David DiCanio, FPCNA minister-at-large, who has been serving in our mission work in Liberia since its inception, answers some questions about the Ebola outbreak in Liberia and its effects on the mission work there.

Questions & Answers with Rev. John Wagner

While serving as the previous editor of Current, Rev. John Wagner escaped being interviewed for this series, but it is now his turn. As a husband, father of seven children and grandfather of five, church planter, pastor, and professor of Homiletics in our seminary, Mr. Wagner has a lot of experience to draw from. As […]

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