The Second Great Awakening: 1790–1830

After the long-fought War for Independence, the infant American republic began to waver spiritually. Deism and rationalism, especially as they were expressed in the writings of Thomas Paine and Voltaire, captured the minds of many young intellectuals. Episcopal Bishop Mead of Virginia at the time said, “I have come to expect every educated young man […]

The First Great Awakening: 1735–1745

The First Great Awakening, was an evangelical movement that swept America in the 1730s and 1740s. Part of a much broader revival movement taking place simultaneously on the other side of the Atlantic (most notably in England, Scotland, and Germany), this “Awakening” impacted the American colonies, particularly New England, and left a permanent impact on […]

Dethroning the Pope’s Queen of Heaven

In October 2013 Pope Francis moved the image of Our Lady of Fatima from the Portuguese Shrine where it usually resides to Rome. The purpose of his action was to offer a Mass and consecrate the world to Mary. (National Catholic Register, October 15, 2013). Clearly, Pope Francis is bound up in Mariolatry and worships […]

The Pope to Visit America (Alas, to Say the Mass)

On March 13, 2013, Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina took the shorter name of Francis when the Roman Catholic Church made him its new pope. Pope Francis is now the first pope from the Southern Hemisphere and also the first to be a Jesuit. A logical question would be whether such a pope would take […]

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