• Consecration Is Not Optional

    The gospel of Christ radically changes lives, homes, and even nations for it demands death to the old life and enables believers in Christ to live in the power of a resurrection life unto God. In our last issue of Current we focused on spiritual awakenings in America when multitudes of ungodly sinners were converted […]

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  • Revival: Our Hope of Survival

    Dark days and tough times are nothing new to the church of Christ. For generations godly pastors have lamented the decline of the church. Empty seats, careless souls, disgruntled members, and a spirit of worldliness in areas of music, dress, and behavior have prompted them to cry, “Help, Lord, for the godly man ceaseth.” The […]

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  • Reaching Our Children For Christ

    It has been a great joy to receive photos of so many children from our churches and mission works. Each picture tells its own story. Behind each face is a precious soul with untold future potential. These photos show us the impact the ministry of our denomination is having upon children in various parts of […]

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  • Calvary: The Greatest of Days

    This issue of Current is about Calvary. Its very name calls us to remember the place where the plague of sin’s curse was met by the power of God’s cross. On that lonely hill, known in New Testament times as Golgotha, for it bore the shape of a skull, our Lord Jesus purposely offered up […]

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  • God’s Calling: The Hope for the Lord’s Church

    Notwithstanding his strict Jewish upbringing and the rigors required to reach the status of Pharisee, it was his dramatic conversion to Christ on the road to Damascus and God’s call to minister to the Gentiles that set Paul apart as an apostle, an evangelist, and a senior pastor over many New Testament churches. On his […]

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