• A Pastor’s Heartaches

    Sympathy is a big word in Christian circles. We preach Christ’s sympathy for His people and we encourage pastors to have sympathy to care for their peoples’ hurts. But have you ever stopped to think that pastors are also in need of sympathy? Let me plead for your sympathy toward your pastor, for out of […]

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  • The Gospel According to Godliness

    In recent times the Roman Catholic Church has been much in the news for all the wrong reasons. The mask of pious pretence came off to reveal fearful depths of depravity among her clergy. Corruption in the papacy, however, is nothing new. Before the Protestant Reformation, immorality of Roman Catholic priests, bishops, cardinals, and popes […]

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  • A Preacher’s Antidote to Apathy

    The life of the preacher is not getting any easier. It takes the faith of a giant to keep on preaching in season and out of season. Right now, it appears we are out of season as our culture dives further into sin. God’s call to proclaim the good news of the gospel is clear, […]

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  • Because We Are Losing Our Free Speech

    Recently, a Canadian newspaper posted the headline: “We are living in a country where you daren’t be anything but gay-friendly.” Lobbyists for a gender-free-for-all have moved from seeking freedom, to being left alone, to demanding positive engagement by all. These days, those who don’t embrace the full spectrum of gay and transgender life are often […]

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  • Marijuana Madness

    Marijuana madness is happening across North America. It’s only a matter of time now before marijuana is legalized in Canada, as is already the case in Colorado, California, and several other American states. This is an alarming turn of events which flies in the face of its shady history and scientific evidence which show long-term […]

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  • The Battle Is The Lord’s

    As the armies of Israel trembled at Goliath’s roars in the valley of Elah, so we as God’s people may tremble at what lies before us in the year ahead. The enemies of Christ have been loud in the past year; Satan’s vicious agenda against Christ and His Church appears to be getting louder each year. […]

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  • No Fake News

    Fake news is the latest in sensational journalism, deliberately designed to mislead. The media may say they fact-check their news stories, but often put so much “spin” on them they are capable of turning black to white, or white to black. To gain instant advertising dollars, tech savvy manipulators have the ability through the internet […]

    TheEditor No responses November 7, 2017
  • Bible Answer Man Duped by Wrong Orthodoxy

    I was personally shocked and alarmed on the day after Palm Sunday when I heard Hank Hanegraaff pronounce on his radio program that he had been chrismated (prayed over for the anointing of the Spirit) into the Greek Orthodox Church. Better known by his programs on an array of radio stations in North America as […]

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  • The Call to Evangelize

    It is reported of General William Booth, when he was officiating at a graduation ceremony for Salvation Army evangelists, that he said, “If I had my way, I would have you suffer three hours in hell for it would have saved these three years of study.” Have we lost the burden to evangelize? Did we […]

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  • The Man Who Ignited the Protestant Reformation

    This year we celebrate the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s stand for the gospel of Christ against the soul-destroying falsehoods of the Church of Rome. The name, Martin Luther, cuts through religious lines even today. Because he started more than a cultural movement and more than a political movement his stand for the gospel revealed […]

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  • Never Weary of Well Doing

    The apostle Paul had high expectations of all who served with him. When John Mark departed prematurely from the work in Cyprus, Paul refused to have him along on his second missionary journey much to the chagrin of Barnabas. Paul also demanded much of himself in his own ministry and his missionary endeavors. He claimed […]

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  • Doctors Of Death

    As you read this issue of Current the clock is ticking for the introduction of new legislation in Canada and some states in the U.S. to legalize physician-assisted suicide. These new laws are to grant the right to die by medical intervention if patients are under physical or mental suffering that cannot be alleviated. It […]

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