Christian Struggles

“Coronavirus Has Changed Everything!”

No area of society has been untouched. On the original draft of this page was an article by Rev. Derrick Bowman encouraging people to prayerfully support a mission team heading to Liberia in the summer. In God’s providence, that mission team will not be going. We pray that God will permit a team to visit […]

In Want of a Wife

At sixteen, I was told to learn the opening words of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice: “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune; must be in want of a wife.” Forget the good fortune bit, it is usually the case that young men come to the point […]

Depression: Its Causes and Cures

Depression hurts. Abraham Lincoln, in a bout of depression said: “I am the most miserable man living…. Whether I shall ever be better, I cannot tell.” C. H. Spurgeon expressed his own trials: “I could weep by the hour like a child, and yet I knew not what I wept for.… The iron bolt … […]

Got Guilt?

Guilt is a universal problem. One of my fellow ministers had an experience while doing outreach work on a secular college campus that illustrates this reality. One weekend when his team was having trouble getting students to talk to them, the leader of the ministry suddenly stood up on a bench and loudly addressed those […]

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