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Head Covering: A Forgotten Christian Practice for Modern Times

You can find almost anything on the internet, and if you are looking for answers to biblical questions or desire to view various interpretations of Scripture, you can find that which suits your position. Thankfully, there are some young, zealous writers from various Reformed denominations who are endeavoring to obey the commands given in Jeremiah […]

Book Review: The Presbyterian Philosopher by Douglas Douma

Dr. Gordon H. Clark was the most consistently orthodox Christian thinker of the 20th century. God used him as a great defender of the faith against practically all of the false philosophies both ancient and modern. Thirty-four years ago, he left behind an armory filled with intellectual ammunition for the people of God. Since Dr. […]

Home-Making by J.R. Miller

Protecting the family is one of the highest priorities set forth in the Holy Scriptures. The Lord promises the blessing of an enduring stability and joy to families that carefully obey His Word. That is the only sure immunity from the epidemic of divorce and ruin that is now devastating many professing Christian families. Numerous […]

Samuel Rutherford by Kingsley Rendell

A new millennium calls for new biographies of the great, influential servants of God. Rev. Samuel Rutherford was indeed such a mighty servant of the Lord. He is to be remembered not only for the hymn “Immanuel’s Land” (which Anne Ross Cousin composed after being inspired by Rutherford’s last words), but also because God used […]

The Korean Pentecost

The eyes of the world are looking at Korea today, and so are the eyes of the Lord, for He has much people there. The first Korean convert to Christ was baptized in 1886, and in just 90 years, the church in Korea grew to three million members. The growth of the church was greatly […]

Christianity and Liberalism

Jude, one of the half brothers of our Lord Jesus, eagerly desired to share encouraging words to the other members of Christ’s church, but the Holy Spirit moved him to warn the saints about false teachers who had covertly slipped into the church. All faithful ministers of Christ want to build up fellow believers by […]

Book Review: New Calvinism Considered 

New Calvinism was listed in Time Magazine’s March 11, 2009 issue as one of the ten ideas changing the world. The article named John Piper, Mark Driscoll, and Al Mohler as leaders of the movement. At the time of the publication, John Calvin’s 500 th birthday was less than four months away. Now that the […]

The Bondage of the Will

In 1516, Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam, Holland made a tremendous contribution to the Christian religion by publishing the Greek text of the New Testament. This caused many to say, “Erasmus laid the egg which Luther hatched.” Although Erasmus was “the Prince of the humanists” in Europe, he was still a very unenlightened theologian who was […]

Book Review: Kitty, My Rib

The exciting days of the Protestant Reformation produced great changes in the lives of millions of Europeans. In the 1959 fictional biography Kitty, My Rib author E. Jane Mall tells about the changes that transformed a young nun named Katharina von Bora, who entered the Cistercian convent at Nimbschen, Germany at age six, shortly after […]

Best Biography of Martin Luther

Reading legacies of vibrant believers from long ago is a rewarding and especially inspiring experience if those writings are biblically sound and edifying. Such is the biography “The Life and Times of Martin Luther” by J.H.Merle D’Aubigné. D’Aubigné was one of the many biographers of Martin Luther; however, no other biography throbs with the same […]

Book Review: The Man Who Couldn't be Stopped

This is a riveting children’s book which will also inspire adults. It is the rags-to-riches story of John Welch (1568-1622), John Knox’s son-in-law and one of Scotland’s greatest preachers. Like Jonathan Edwards, who lived many years later, John Welch preached, and seemed to cause the very building to shake as sinners were moved with Holy […]

Book Review: Morning Exercises by William Jay

The publishing of doctrinal and experiential Calvinism has exploded in the last forty years. Truly, “the LORD hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad” (Psalm 126:3). Fifty years ago, you would have been hard pressed to find a handful of publishers producing these fine Bible commentaries and other Puritan works. Now hundreds […]

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