Animal Rights and Wrongs Part 1: The Biblical Position

Before recorded music, before watching your favorite sports team, before television or videos, what did people do for entertainment? One answer: animal baiting. If you lived in virtually any European city around the time the King James Version of the Bible was being translated, bear baiting was a big thing. A bear chained or confined […]

The Death of the Christian and the Atheist

Death. It’s not a pleasant subject, yet it is one that we all must face. As surely as we were born to life on Earth, we must leave it one day through the vehicle of death. None of us can escape. Sooner or later we must face the “last enemy.” We don’t like to talk […]

The Fallacy of Macroevolution

Scholars speculate regarding which of Darwin’s observations inspired his evolutionary theory. The often suggested Galapagos Island finches, which today bear his name, probably had little to do with inspiring him and are actually poor examples of his theory. Darwin raised pigeons and quite probably these birds contributesd to his evolutionary thinking. By selecting odd traits one can breed rather […]

Was There An Ice Age?

When Christians hear about an ice age, they tend to think that this idea is connected with the evolutionist’s theoretical timeline of billions of years of earth’s history, which refuses to accept the teaching that God created the world in six days. For example, the well respected, and helpful online resource Wikipedia tells us: “An […]

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