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In Their Own Words: Captain Vicente Alcivar
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In times of combat when soldiers stare into the face of their mortal enemy some will recognize that they also stare into the face of eternity. When troops are called to go to war, they often buy Bibles, sometimes in great numbers, and seek gospel counselors. Many desire to get right with God before they enter the battlefield, so they need someone to point them to Christ for salvation and peace with God. For soldiers to have their pastor and preacher with them in such times brings light and hope where otherwise there would be darkness and fear. There is a band of troops who have such a pastor in Captain Vicente Alcivar. He is our Free Presbyterian man in military uniform serving with the U.S. Army. Over his life he has gone from sinner to saint, then from Christian civilian to military chaplain. He continues to minister behind the lines of military service. We felt it was time to seek out Captain Alcivar to learn of his life and work for the Lord to the men and women who are willing to risk life and limb in defense of their country.

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